Novidades no Fortnite Capítulo 5 Temporada 3: Arrasado.

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Car Customization

Modifying cars is becoming even deeper in Chapter 5 Season 3 – very appropriate, isn’t it? In this season, you will find six mods that can be added to your vehicles, including the return of Cow Catchers and Chonker’s Off-Road Tires, as well as four new ones that can prepare your vehicle for the looming sand apocalypse. You can even equip multiple mods, as long as they don’t occupy the same space, as seen below.

Complete List of Vehicle Mods:

  • Machine Gun Turret (roof slot)
  • Grenade Launcher Turret (roof slot)
  • Spiked Bumper (front bumper slot)
  • Cow Catcher (front bumper slot)
  • Bulletproof Tires (tire slot)
  • Chonker’s Off-Road Tires (tire slot)

How to Obtain Vehicle Mods:

Mods are acquired by hitting a Vehicle Mod Box, and, apart from bulletproof tires, they have their own health bars, just like the cars themselves, so you’ll want to manage your post-apocalyptic vehicle well as needed. You can find Repair Boxes to fix your vehicle, or even find a non-vaulted Repair Torch if you prefer.

Gas Station Updates

Gas stations have transformed into service stations, which now include both fuel and a health refill for your vehicle.

Nitro Barriers

You will also find Nitro Barriers scattered around the island, which provide your vehicle with a speed boost, collision power, better fuel consumption, and improvements to mods.

Nitro Barriers Benefits:

You can also use the barriers on foot and enjoy benefits like increased stamina and speed, impact power (similar to manifestation shield), faster recharge, and immunity to falls.

SUV Customization

SUVs can now be customized aesthetically, just like sports cars. Look for new body kits in the store that will work with SUVs, including the new Behemoth that is available for the season launch.

New War Bus

The new War Bus is a must-have item for end game, dropping on the map just like the floating island of recent seasons. Claim it for yourself to gain an advantage over enemies who may fear your big car or challenge you to claim it for themselves.

The War Bus is equipped with an EMP pulse and two cannons, making it much more than a magical school bus.

Wasteland Warriors NPC teams will also roam the island in their own rapid destruction vehicles, and by defeating them, you will receive a variety of rewards, including a modified car with infinite nitro, a mythical weapon, and a Medal.

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