New Android and iOS Games: Death World

I am Dluz and I am here to bring information about the game Survival War: Death World, developed by Chiseled games Japan株式会社. This immersive survival strategy game will test your cunning and courage in the midst of a global apocalyptic crisis triggered by research on ancient algae. Every decision counts in this challenging apocalyptic world.

Survival War: Death World

Survival Mission

Your survival strategy will decide your fate in the apocalypse. Plan the use of resources, build and upgrade your Settlement, and ensure your survival in the apocalypse. It’s a race between life and death, and only the most cunning strategies can help you survive this apocalyptic adventure.


Embark on an adventure into the unknown and explore the desolate lands of the apocalypse. In this journey for survival, you will discover hidden resources, unlock survival skills, and build alliances with other Survivors to plan your future together.

Pet Development

Facing the threat of the Infected, bioethics is no longer a creed followed by researchers. Any means that can provide an advantage in the fight against the Infected is considered to be done in the name of justice. Modify the genes of ancient beasts and create your perfect pet. It will be your most reliable companion in the apocalypse, even more reliable than any human!

Hero Challenges

Every hero needs a survival adventure to prove their worth. In this adventure, you will collect and upgrade equipment, and lead your heroes in strategic battles to ensure you have the advantage in this survival game.

Final Tower Defense

Towers are one of the keys to your survival, and you must discover the optimal placement of towers and upgrades to repel wave after wave of attacks and ensure your survival.


Prepare for the upcoming fights for survival. Enemies in the apocalypse are ruthless and cunning, so each battle must be carefully planned with the right tactics to take down the Infected and hostile forces that dare to threaten your survival.

To play Survival War: Death World on your PC, you will need an Android emulator. I recommend LDPlayer, which can be downloaded here. After downloading the emulator, follow these steps:

1. Download the game APK here.
2. Open LDPlayer and install the game APK.
3. Start the game and begin your survival adventure in the apocalyptic world of Survival War: Death World.

Now you are ready to face the challenges and test your survival skills in this exciting game!

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