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Dragon Prince: Xadia NETFLIX


Welcome to Xadia. Become a legendary hero and join forces to embark on epic missions and magical quests in this action RPG based on the successful Netflix fantasy series “The Dragon Prince.”

Platform – Android | iOS

Description of Dragon Prince: Xadia NETFLIX (by Netflix, Inc.)

Developed in-house by Wonderstorm, the creators of the Emmy-winning Netflix series “The Dragon Prince,” this cooperative action game, based on heroes and RPG style, is set in the same epic fantasy world and features all the humor, charm, and high stakes that fans expect. This action-packed adventure introduces new characters and stories to expand the “Dragon Prince” universe, along with hours of cooperative multiplayer gameplay fun and satisfying RPG progression.

Choose your hero

Take on the role of one of the many iconic heroes from “The Dragon Prince,” each with unique abilities and combat style. As you progress through adventures and dungeons, increase the power of your hero to face increasingly difficult missions. Whether you are a fan of the series trying your first action RPG or an experienced player ready to dive into something new, you will find an unforgettable fantasy adventure in Xadia.

Adventure into Xadia

Cross a realm of fantasy rich in wonders and dangers. Fight against a fiery rebellion in the lava-filled Border, disrupt Blood Moon rituals in the mysterious Shadow Forest, and confront questionable sky pirates in the new Distant Winds. Each region contains unique equipment to collect, enemies to defeat, and bosses to conquer.

Sharpen your skills

Prove your mastery in action RPG where it really matters: in combat. Hone your skills, customize your equipment, and face increasingly challenging adventures, dungeons, and bosses. Higher difficulty levels mean greater chances of collecting high-quality equipment. Missions switch regularly and range from quick expeditions to epic battles.

Triumph Together

In this cooperative action RPG, heroes are stronger together. Invite your friends to join the action or use the online matchmaking function to form teams of up to three players and overcome the greatest threats in Xadia.

To play Dragon Prince: Xadia NETFLIX on PC, you can use an Android emulator. Download the emulator by clicking here. To download the game’s APK, click here.

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