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Zombie Crisis • Android & Ios New Games

# Official Launch + APK

## 💡 Platform – Android

**The description of Zombie Crisis (by [Para-Pix Game Studio](**

1. **What is the game about?**

This is a zombie-themed masterpiece. The game has a fascinating and exciting plot. The protagonist Jack’s wife has disappeared. At the same time, his city has encountered an unprecedented crisis.

2. **What is the main goal of the game?**

The whole city has been surrounded by zombies. Millions of people have become infected by zombies or their food. In order to find his wife, Jack and other survivors used the survivor building as a base to gradually uncover the truth of the matter.

3. **What are the features of the game?**

There are dozens of firearms in the game, including pistols, shotguns, MP5, AK47, grenades, landmines, flamethrowers, Gatling, rocket launchers, and even vehicles and helicopters. You can explore the map at will. Only you can find the ultimate truth of the matter!

### **How to play Zombie Crisis on PC with an Android emulator**

If you want to enjoy playing Zombie Crisis on your PC, you can use an Android emulator like LDPlayer. Here’s how you can do it:

1. **Download the LDPlayer emulator from [this link](**

2. **Install the emulator on your PC and launch it.**

3. **Download the Zombie Crisis APK from [this link](**

4. **Open the LDPlayer emulator and drag-and-drop the Zombie Crisis APK file onto the emulator’s interface to install the game.**

5. **Once installed, you can launch the game and start playing Zombie Crisis on your PC.**

Enjoy the zombie-themed adventure and uncover the truth behind the crisis in the city!

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