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Be my summoner: Official Launch and APK

Official Launch + APK

Description of Be my summoner (by 무지개토끼)

The cowardly summoner meets strange monsters!
Defeat and summon monsters to clear dungeons.
The endless challenge is about to begin!

Game Features

  1. Fun in collecting extraordinary monsters!
    – Unique monsters with unusual names
    Summon 100 types of monsters and create your own team!
  2. Enjoy endless hunts with automatic battle
    – Stress-free continuous training system
    Challenge endlessly and keep growing!
  3. A variety of rewards and content to enjoy non-stop!
    – Earn rewards every time you clear missions
    Just stand still and it will take care of everything!

How to Play

1. Defeat monsters to collect soul shards.
2. Summon monsters with the collected soul shards.
3. If you clear dungeons quickly, you will have more courage.
4. Summon various monsters and use items to easily clear dungeons.


  1. At the beginning, it’s a good idea to enhance your mana regeneration so you can summon more.
  2. If you have enough rubies, buy Auto-fever in the store (High performance).
  3. Summon all creatures from a team to get a powerful team bonus.
  4. Last Stones quickly transform your creatures into stronger ones.
  5. If you don’t have Last Stones, you can train the creatures to the maximum level and extract the stone.
  6. If the monsters are powerful and you’re having difficulty clearing the dungeon, use the portal to return to the first dungeon and collect more courage.
  7. During Fever time, the summoner’s skin unique abilities are triggered. You can select the needed skin.
  8. The Dark Tower Specters are very powerful but have many rewards. You can get rewards according to the damage of the Specters. Challenge the Dark Tower.
  9. The more rewarded ads you watch, the greater the rewards 🙂

Read the instructions and download the game here.

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