New Puzzle & Rogue Games for Android & iOS

Pre-registration Open – Global

Soft Launch – Korea

Platform – Android

Description of Puzzle & Rogue (by Owl games Inc.)

  1. What type of game is Puzzle & Rogue?
  2. Puzzle & Rogue is a Match 3 puzzle RPG, where puzzles are easy to learn but difficult to master. Will you be able to stand out against the enemies prepared for you?

  3. What are the main systems in the game?
  4. The game features a Roguelike system with procedural map generation, items, and random events. These elements have been combined to offer a high replayability factor.

  5. How many heroes and monsters are available in the game?
  6. There are over 100 heroes and more than 150 monsters for you to recruit and face, respectively.

  7. Does the game offer single-player and multiplayer content?
  8. There are many hours of single-player content available, and there are also multiplayer options such as guilds, special dungeons, casual and ranked PvP, seasonal stages, and much more.

  9. Is there a special block combination system in the game?
  10. Yes, Puzzle & Rogue has a unique block combination system with 9 distinct types. Use these special blocks strategically to achieve victory.

  11. How can I play Puzzle & Rogue on PC?
  12. To play Puzzle & Rogue on PC, you will need an Android emulator. We recommend LDPlayer, which you can download from this link. After installing the emulator, download the game’s APK from Apkcombo.

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